Creation of Eve, Michelangelo
(Hebrew) Bible in General (구약)성경 전반

Eve, Hawwa, and Ishsha

This post deals with an editorial process of the stories of the creation of Eve and Fall of Man; and how the first woman’s name Hawwa became Eve in English.

temptation, Adam and Eve
Pentateuch 오경

Eve’s Apologetics

Interpretations of biblical texts depend heavily on the reader’s social context, and the patriarchal order had influenced the reader’s understanding of the Bible enormously. This post demonstrates such an influence drawing on Gen 2-3.

temptation, Adam and Eve
Pentateuch 오경

하와의 변론

*This post was originally published bilingually in English as well as Korean back in 2017. Now the post is separated in each language. For the

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