documentary hypothesis

I am Jehovah/YHWH

For Korean version, click here Exodus 3:14-15 is famous as God reveals the proper name YHWH to Moses in the passage for the first time.

창조 이야기와 초기 문서가설

For English version click here 창세기 1, 2장에는 두 개의 창조 이야기가 등장한다. 첫 번째 창조 이야기는 창 1:1에서 시작하여 창 2:4 전반절, “하늘과 땅을

Rebekah in Nahor’s Genealogy

Traces of Editorial Hands in Genesis 22 For the Korean version of the post, click here Gen 22:20   Now after these things it was told

Joseph Narrative (3): Who sold Joseph?

For the previous stories, see here (1) and here (2)우리말로 된 글은 여기 As we have seen, Joseph narrative is quite troublesome, and it’s only

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