Creation of Eve, Michelangelo
(Hebrew) Bible in General (구약)성경 전반

Eve, Hawwa, and Ishsha

This post deals with an editorial process of the stories of the creation of Eve and Fall of Man; and how the first woman’s name Hawwa became Eve in English.

temptation, Adam and Eve
Pentateuch 오경

Eve’s Apologetics

Interpretations of biblical texts depend heavily on the reader’s social context, and the patriarchal order had influenced the reader’s understanding of the Bible enormously. This post demonstrates such an influence drawing on Gen 2-3.

Wisdom and Poetic Books, 지혜 문헌과 시가서

Ecclesiastes Translation Series (9): Qohelet’s Gender (Eccl 7:27)

In Hebrew the verb’s gender should agree with its subject and number. The word “Qohelet” is a feminine singular participle functioning as a noun. So the word requires feminine singular forms of verbs. However, because Qohelet is introduced as a “son” of David, almost all verbs for Qohelet is masculine singular except for Eccl 7:27, which seems quite intentional and worth giving your attention.

temptation, Adam and Eve
Pentateuch 오경

하와의 변론

창세기의 선악과 이야기는 지금까지의 남성중심 사회에서 여성의 전통적 성역할을 정당화하는 본문으로 이해되어 왔다. 하지만 이 본문은 생각보다 다양한 해석이 가능하다. 이 글은 그 가능성에 대한 것이다

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