Creation of Eve, Michelangelo
(Hebrew) Bible in General (구약)성경 전반

Eve, Hawwa, and Ishsha

This post deals with an editorial process of the stories of the creation of Eve and Fall of Man; and how the first woman’s name Hawwa became Eve in English.

Tamar and Judah (2)

Click here for Tamar and Judah (1) 3. Ethical Evaluation If the Tamar-Judah event was possible because of the temple prostitution, how could we evaluate

Tamar and Judah (1)

1. What Happened In Gen 38, we find an incestuous event between Tamar and Judah. Tamar, the first daughter-in-law of Judah, disguised herself as a

An Interesting Fact about Isaac’s Death

Isaac’s marriage(40y), birth of children(60y), his last words(100y), his death(180y) According to Gen 25:20, Isaac married Rebekah when he was forty years old. Rebekah could

A Meaning of Israel

Jacob left Laban’s place and arrived at a ford of the Jabbok. As he was getting near to his hometown, he was afraid of his

야곱에서 이스라엘로

부제: 야곱은 신과 싸워 이겼나? 야곱이 라반의 집을 떠나 귀향하던 중 얍복 나루에 이르렀다. 그는 에서가 복수심에 가득찬 마음으로 자기를 맞이하러 오는 것을 알고 두려워했다.

Jacob’s Marriage

For Korean Version, click here The Story After Jacob arrived at Laban’s place, he started working for Laban without getting paid. About a month later,

I am Jehovah/YHWH

For Korean version, click here Exodus 3:14-15 is famous as God reveals the proper name YHWH to Moses in the passage for the first time.

창조 이야기와 초기 문서가설

For English version click here 창세기 1, 2장에는 두 개의 창조 이야기가 등장한다. 첫 번째 창조 이야기는 창 1:1에서 시작하여 창 2:4 전반절, “하늘과 땅을

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