A Meaning of Israel

Jacob left Laban’s place and arrived at a ford of the Jabbok. As he was getting near to his hometown, he was afraid of his brother Esau because he knew that Esau would kill him. So Jacob divided all his belongings into three groups and sent one after the other with lots of presents for Esau to appease him.

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야곱에서 이스라엘로

부제: 야곱은 신과 싸워 이겼나?

야곱이 라반의 집을 떠나 귀향하던 중 얍복 나루에 이르렀다. 그는 에서가 복수심에 가득찬 마음으로 자기를 맞이하러 오는 것을 알고 두려워했다. 야곱은 자기와 함께 하던 무리를 세 떼로 나누어 자기보다 앞서 보내고 그들이 에서를 만나면 그에게 예물을 먼저 주게 하였다. 에서가 선물을 받고 노여움을 조금이라도 푼 후에 만나면 에서가 자기를 용서할 지도 모른다고 생각했기 때문이다.

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Jacob’s Marriage

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The Story

Raphael (1483–1520) and workshop, Jacob’s Encounter with Rachel (1518-19), fresco, dimensions not known, Loggia di Raffaello, Palazzo Apostolico, The Vatican City.

After Jacob arrived at Laban’s place, he started working for Laban without getting paid. About a month later, Laban realized he eventually had to pay Jacob for his labor, so he asked Jacob how much he wanted to get paid. Jacob said he could work for Laban for seven years if Laban gives him Rachel, whom he fell in love with at first sight. Laban agreed with Jacob as his suggestion was an excellent condition for Laban.

But Laban was a greedy person. He thought that he could use Jacob for fourteen years, not just seven years, if he utilizes Jacob’s love for his daughter Rachel. So after seven years, Laban gave Jacob Leah, instead of Rachel. Laban’s excuse was the local custom, which he had never mentioned for the last seven years. And he suggested another seven years of his service for Rachel. Jacob, of course, could not give her up now. So he accepted the term and served Laban for another seven years.

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