(Hebrew) Bible in General (구약)성경 전반

The Hebrew origin of the name Jesus

The name Jesus is from the Hebrew word “Joshua.” “Joshua” is from its root word “Yasha” meaning “to help” or “to deliver.” Some well known names like Hosea and Isaiah are derivatives of this root word.

pile of stones
Historical Books 역사서

Achan, Achar, and the Valley of Achor

This post summarizes Richard S. Hess, “Achan and Achor: Names and Wordplay in Joshua 7,” Hebrew Annual Review 14 (1994): 89-98. My words are limited to the sections written in gray.

The Commander of the Army of the LORD

This post summarizes Thomas Römer’s “Joshua’s encounter with the commander of YHWH’s army (Josh 5:13–15): literary construction or reflection of a royal ritual?” My words

Joshua 4 Analysis

Intro Joshua chapter 4 tells us about Israelites’ crossing the Jordan River. The story is simple, but the flow of the story is not as

Joshua and Deuteronomy (3)

Intro I have already posted two writings about “Joshua and Deuteronomy.” The primary concerns of the posts were that ① Deuteronomy is different from the

Joshua and Deuteronomy (2)

Intro This is the second post on “Joshua and Deuteronomy.” Previously, I dealt with the book of Deuteronomy to explain the subject’s background. Now let’s

Joshua and Deuteronomy (1)

Intro To study the connection between Joshua and Deuteronomy, understanding the book of Deuteronomy is a prerequisite. So I will talk about the basics of

(Hebrew) Bible in General (구약)성경 전반

예수라는 이름의 어원/기원

‘예수’라는 이름은 히브리어 ‘여호수아’의 그리스식 음역을 한글로 옮겨서 생긴 말입니다. 그리고 ‘여호수아’는 ‘야샤으’라는 어근을 가지고 있으며 ‘야샤으’는 ‘돕다’라는 뜻으로 호세아, 이사야 등 다양한 이름의 어원이 되는 단어입니다.

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